Airphotos make good evidence

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Producing evidence from aerial photography

Using overlapping vertical aerial photography - most all of which has been taken specifically for the production of maps (by photogrammetry) and for 3D interpretation - we can define in minute detail the use of any site over a period since the 1940s. Often this comes down to a specific strip of disputed land - a typical boundary dispute. Sometimes it involves two dozen hectares. Commonly it involves accesses, often their width which can be critical for development. Frequently it is about industrial uses, disposal sites, ransom strips and planning starts. Who did what on this land and when. Airphotos offer that information.

Bud Young as Expert Witness

Bud Young (pictured right taking coffee in Hyde Park) has made a good reputation for himself as an expert witness in this rather specialised field of airphoto interpretation.

Just to be clear 'Interpretation' means 'analysis with understanding'. A wear pattern on the ground... what does it imply? Cattle in a field … or are they horses wearing rain coats? And how does that affect the claimant’s case?

He has been commended for his detective work on land uses and specific target sites, his scientific rigour and reporting clarity. He enjoys court work.

When not acting in legal cases (now his principal occupation) he has had a successful history in environmental and land use mapping, town mapping (urban morphology), habitat and river corridor studies. All of these focus on the meaning of land uses, their distribution and the history of any particular ‘ parcel’ of land.

Like 'standard mapping experts,' he produces his analyses in GIS digital format . Always though - - backed up in words (as words emphasise meanings and relationships) and annotated photoplans (listed by year date) which are understandable to the judge, the planning inspector or the other side.