Airphotos make good evidence

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‘Better Qualified and More Specialist’

In his judgement, His Honour Judge Reid QC in the Epsom County Court (at paragraph 23) gave this opinion:

"Mr Young seemed to me to be the better qualified and to be more specialist. He had a more academic approach to the task and to be more ready simply to state what he had found, leaving the Court to draw the appropriate inferences. Mr **** is perhaps more of a generalist and his approach was more attuned to that of the practical surveyor. Whilst both experts approached their task in an admirably dispassionate way and clearly had spent a deal of time and effort on their work and in the meticulous meeting between experts, on this occasion it seemed to me that on their few points of difference Mr Young’s evidence was to be preferred. This is by no means to belittle Mr **** who is a regular and valued provider of expert opinion and evidence in boundary disputes."

‘Photo Interpretation a Critical Factor’

In a just settled case (2012-13) concerning a narrow but costly ransom strip at a rebuilt industrial area in the Chilterns, Gosschalks of Kingston on Hull wrote:

"Mr Young's meticulous research and careful expert analysis established the historic position of various boundary features. Mr Young's work was a critical factor in achieving an out-of-court settlement."

‘Winning Case and Costs’

Woodfords of Fulham in an acrimonious domestic boundary dispute in Hornchurch (2012), wrote:

"Your evidence was clearly instrumental in achieving this (winning every single element of the boundary claim and awarding our client costs). Many thanks for your invaluable assistance with this matter and if I have any similar cases in future I will know where to come for airphoto interpretation."

‘High Quality’

Bond Pearce of Plymouth in 2 cases, on the reopening of old quarried land (1) and farm building expansion (2). Of the latter they wrote:

"Very many thanks for your work – as ever of a very high quality and of immeasurable value in demonstrating on a conclusive and impartial basis that our client’s interpretation of events at Farm X is correct."

‘More Experienced in the Interpretation of Aerial Photographs’

In an inspector’s report into a Village Green claim (2005), Mr Vivian Chapman MA LLM of 9 Stone Buildings wrote (of a case in which I analysed thirteen year dates of photography concerning alleged use of land):

Clearly he is much better qualified and much more experienced in the interpretation of aerial photographs than Mr ****. Further I found him a very careful, undogmatic and impressive witness.”

‘I Could Rely on His Evidence With Confidence’

Judge Iain Hughes QC, senior judge of the Southampton Circuit at para 18 of this judgement in 2004 records:

"I listened carefully to the evidence of Mr Young and to the attempts by Mr **** to challenge his evidence. Despite making proper allowance that Mr **** was acting in person I formed the firm view that Mr Young was a first-class expert and that I could rely on his evidence with confidence. Mr Young is immensely experienced and very well qualified. He was very conscious of his duty to the court and he was at pains to be independent and objective. His evidence was not merely interesting but fascinating to listen to and I found him to be a compelling witness."