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Profile and Services

Bud Young operates as senior partner in the private practice, Airphoto Interpretation: The Landscape Overview, a practice he established in 1983, which specialises in airphoto interpretation and land use analysis. He originally qualified with an MA honours degree in Geology and Mineralogy from Oxford and an MSc in soil formation and soil survey from Reading University. He is a senior practitioner member (landscape science) of the Landscape Institute (MLI) ie a chartered landscape architect. He has mining, university lecturing, Civil Service administration and land resource survey experience.

Rosemary Young (pictured right) who has a BSc in Horticulture and long involvement in land use surveys,  supplies the practice with level judgement, feedback commentary and financial control.

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An Expert of Wide Experience

Early in his airphoto career  Young worked with a leading airphoto land use company (Huntings Technical Services) then for nine years in airphoto mapping of land resources as a senior scientific officer in the Directorate of Overseas Surveys, Land Resources Division, followed by six years on matters to do with planning, rights of way and conservation in the Countryside Commission. He has worked as chief land use consultant to two major airphoto companies. He has been a visiting tutor in airphoto interpretation at the University of Cambridge where for a number of years he gave short courses to professionals.

Photo Interpretation Leading to Maps (not for legal purposes).

With my colleague Hanno Koch (Cartographer by Appointment to HM Queen) we have achieved:

  • Accurate urban land use mapping (GIS format) for planning departments; identification of building types and ages covering two London boroughs; urban land use maps for North Liverpool to Southport and the whole of Doncaster MBC.
  • For Bristol City Council and London Borough of Ealing, greenspace maps
  • For Bucks County Council, West Sussex and the Irish Forestry Authority, forestry and habitat maps.
  • For DEFRA flood limit maps in Devon; for the Department of Agriculture Northern Ireland flood defence mitigation mapping.
  • For Powergen over a seven year period, annual monitoring reports of salt marsh conditions adjacent to a newly constructed Gas Power Station site.

Legal Involvement - Where and for Whom

Bud Young has acted for clients in county courts around the country, in the High Courts of London and Manchester, the Land Registry Adjudication Court and in many planning enquiries. Some of these are listed below:

  • Many domestic boundary, planning starts and access track case and use of disputed land;
  • 7 cases concerning the claim for village green status of land;
  • Illicit dumping on Railtrack land: 17 different year dates;
  • Joint expert for Tower Hamlets with Railtrack versus a claimant : 14 sets of photos;
  • A case concerned with access and detailed measurements on a wiped clean area of totally redeveloped factory land, 8 dated sets of airphotos;
  • Many ‘cowboy’ land use cases for the London Borough of Hillingdon around London Heathrow, similar cases for LB Bexley and Buckinghamshire CC;
  • Footpath usage for Ramblers Association and others including a large landed estate in Kent;
  • For Bath and North East Somerset - use history 1947 onwards of a major industrial site south of the city;
  • The locations into the river and dates of effluent discharge since 1967 from a major paper mill in Kent;
  • The height and accurate position of a hundred plus trees (removed before building) in an area where subsidence affected new development in Kent.

Legal Practices

Bud Young has worked with a large number of legal practices and am increasingly recommended by Landmark Chambers of Fleet Street

Personal Interests

Bud is a family man with professionally successful children in London and Boston. He is an active member of his parish church. He designs and edits a quarterly publication for the Landscape Research Group, collects books (but does not read them all), delights in the local countryside and enjoys fashioning natural walking sticks from hedgerow materials.